Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delicious Calzones Looking for a Needy Charity

With all the news media reports about the spike in homelessness and people accessing food banks across the country, generous appeals such as the one offered by Buena Vista foods to provide 60 cases of Calzones are  what define WE Champions! 
Several weeks ago, “No One Should Go Hungry” focused on food pantries and shelters seeing a sharp rise in the number of people seeking help.  Urban, rural and suburban areas alike have all succumbed to the harsh realities of more people needing food assistance.
WE strongly believes that if each one of us, an individual or organization, takes responsibility for our communities and joins the WE Movement, collectively WE can succeed in improving the lives of the people who need it most, even if it is one community at a time, one "offering" at a time.
A perfect example of this commitment is the offering being made available by Buena Vista, an Azusa, California-based company.
Buena Vista, who is best known for serving the school food service industry, says the reduced fat calzone pocket sandwiches are filled with tasty mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. "Occasionally, we are able to offer some of our products to those who might go hungry," states Paul Miller, president of Buena Vista. "This batch of calzones is one example, but we need to place them soon. They expire in February 2011." According to Miller, each case contains 45 sandwiches.
According to a report released earlier this year by Feeding America, their member agencies served as many as 10 million client households who are food insecure (i.e., not always know where they will find their next meal).  Buena Vista’s Calzones therefore make for the perfect opportunity for a soup kitchen, or other organization(s) in need – such as a children’s home or senior center.
READ MORE about this ongoing offer being facilitated by WE and Buena Vista.
In order to expedite the "calzone" offering, those eligible to receive the cases or those wishing to speak to either Tom Loker or Paul Miller may call KerrPR at (714) 550-9900.
The WE Movement and its HELP4U platform support this worthwhile initiative.  We have joined, will you?  Learn more at

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